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Having a nutrient rich diet is important at any age to maintain optimum health, however, not all children have the knowledge of what their bodies need to function at its best. The cycle of poor food choices begins at home as kids are likely to adopt their parents’ eating habits. When parents prepare unhealthy meals, kids diets may lack nutrients they need to succeed in school academically and athletically. Also, serious health issues can arise out of a poor diet. Excess refined sugar and fat intake can cause problems down the line such as diabetes, heart attack and stroke.  Obesity among young children is also at an all time high.

Obesity Increase in Children Over Time

Obesity Increase in Children Over Time

According to the American Heart Association, one in three kids is overweight or obese. This is cause to a variety of different health problems that previously weren’t as common in adulthood as they are today. These risks can be decreased by stressing the importance of a healthy lifestyle in kids at a young age. By giving children the opportunity to participate in a school garden, we are empowering them to make more health conscious choices when it comes to what they eat. they can make healthier choices about what they eat.

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